quality health care

Available quality health care for Peru’s impecunious to middle class individuals.
MiDoctorcito supplies innovative available quality health care in for convenience situated purchasing storefronts. In every area our specialists, pharmacists and lab technicians cooperate to draw patient trust and predilection. We provide them with well-organized, well-qualified drugs delivered by Canadian Family Pharmacy (http://canadianfamilypharmacycorp.com/). We are ready to assist people to get rid of their troubles. We make the medicine affordable, cheap but of high quality.

MiDoctorcito is grounded by individuals who are eager to change the medical situation in Peru. The main aim is to provide people with required standards of health care. You may find support, care and treatment at MiDoctorcito. We do our best to increase the accessibility for all people equally the health care in Peru.

foto_testimonio `In my first attendance to MiDoctorcito I was very sick and was troubled, but I was so well provided health care that I no longer visit any other clinic at all… I stay here!´ I came there with daughter as well because I had a trust and strong belief MiDoctorcito is the best one in health care provision.